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Weinberger, Andreas

PhD (2010-2013)

PhD supervisor Carlos Marques

Andreas Weinberger has curently a Post Doctoral position in Fribourg.

Research activities

My research interests involve studies on bilayers self-assembled from new lipids and polymers. We study the formation of giant unilamellar vesicles from mixtures of phospholipids and diblock copolymers and the interaction of the resulting membrane structures with elastin-like polypeptides and other surface-active molecules. Control of self-assembly and of interactions requires developing new methods for vesicle formation, micro-manipulation and monitoring.

In particular we have recently investigated how the interplay between lipid structure and mechanical stress influences membrane permeability. Current studies in our group also focus on the cell penetration potential of a new class of elastin-like polypeptides designed to penetrate the membrane of living cells.


The last poster for the boulder summer school 2012 can be found here.
Soft Matter Poster prize won at the boulder summer school 2012: here