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Micheletto Yasmine

PhD visitor (2012-2013)

PhD visitor (2012-2013)

Yasmine Micheletto works now as Professor in Ponta Grossa, ParanĂ¡ state, Brasil.


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Yasmine spent one year in the lab, working mainly on the understanding of Giant Vesicle growing from a spread, hydrated, phospholipid stack. She showed, for a variety of phosholipids, that bulge merging is the unique mechanism at play during what is usually called ’GUV fusion during growing’; hence, she proved that real membrane fusion do not occur during GUV growing by the electroformation method This was demonstrated by the use of two fluorescent probes, to label first generation vesicles on one side, and a spread lipid film for second generation vesicles generation on the other side (Second generation GUVs were grown in the presence of the first generation ones). Image fluorescence analysis of the resulting grown vesicles showed clearly no probe mixing in the membranes, i.e. no membrane fusion.