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Attractive Interaction between Fully Charged Lipid Bilayers in a Strongly Confined Geometry

Friday 15 November 2019, by mcube

Tetiana Mukhina, Arnaud Hemmerle, Valeria Rondelli, Yuri Gerelli, Giovanna Fragneto, Jean Daillant, Thierry Charitat, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2019, 10, 22, 7195-7199.

We investigate the interaction between highly charged lipid bilayers in the presence of monovalent counterions. Neutron and X-ray reflectivity experiments show that the water layer between like-charged bilayers is thinner than for zwitterionic lipids, demonstrating the existence of counterintuitive electrostatic attractive interaction between them. Such attraction can be explained by taking into account the correlations between counterions within the Strong Coupling limit, which falls beyond the classical Poisson–Boltzmann theory of electrostatics. Our results show the limit of the Strong Coupling continuous theory in a highly confined geometry and are in agreement with a decrease in the water dielectric constant due to a surface charge-induced orientation of water molecules.
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