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  • Residual stress distributions in amorphous solids from atomistic simulations
    Céline Ruscher, Jörg Rottler
    Soft Matter 2020, 16, 8940-8949
  • Composition fluctuations in polydisperse liquids: Glasslike effects well above the glass transition
    L. Klochko, J. Baschnagel, J. P. Wittmer, O. Benzerara, C. Ruscher, and A. N. Semenov
    Phys. Rev. E 2020, 102, 042611
  • Glassy dynamics of a binary Voronoi fluid: a mode-coupling analysis
    C Ruscher, S Ciarella, C Luo, L M C Janssen, J Farago and J Baschnagel
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 2020, 33 064001
  • Effect of the Buffer on the Buildup and Stability of Tannic Acid/Collagen Multilayer Films Applied as Antibacterial Coatings
    Muhammad Haseeb Iqbal, André Schroder, Halima Kerdjoudj, Christian Njel, Bernard Senger, Vincent Ball, Florent Meyer, and Fouzia Boulmedais
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 20, 22601–22612
  • Smart Responsive Polymers: Fundamentals and Design Principles
    D Mukherji, CM Marques, K Kremer
    Annu. Rev. Cond. Mat. Phys. 2020, 11, 271