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  • Freeze/Thaw-Induced Carbon Dioxide Trapping Promotes Emulsification of Oil in Water
    Xibo Yan, Antonio Stocco, Julien Bernard, Francois Ganachaud
    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, American Chemical Society, 2018, 9 (20), pp.5998-6002.
  • Velocity of lateral drying fronts in film formation by drying of colloidal dispersions. A 2D simulation
    Nassar, M ; Gromer, A; Thalmann, F; Hebraud, P; Holl, Y
    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2018, 511, 424-433
  • Permeability of DOPC bilayers under photoinduced oxidation: Sensitivity to photosensitizer
    Bacellar; I.O.L.; Baptista, M.S.; Junqueira, H.C.; Wainwright, M.; Thalmann, F.; Marques, C.M.; Schroder, A.P.
    BBA - Biomembranes, 2018, 1860, 2366
  • Molecular dynamics study of the LCST transition in aqueous poly (Nn-propylacrylamide)
    de Oliveira, T.E.; Marques, C.M.; Netz, P.A.K.
    PCCP 2018, 20, 10100