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  • Collapse in two good solvents, swelling in two poor solvents: defying the laws of polymer solubility?
    Mukherji, D.; Marques, C. M.; Kremer, K.
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 2017, 30(2), 24002
  • Fluorescent and Photosensitizing Conjugates of Cell-Penetrating Peptide TAT(47-57): Design, Microwave-Assisted Synthesis at 60 °C, and Properties
    Okuda-Shinagawa, N.M., Moskalenko Y.E., Junqueira, H.C., Baptista, M.S., Marques, C.M., Machini, M.T.
    ACS Omega 2017, 2, 8156
  • Reply to the ‘Comment on “Relating side chain organization of PNIPAm with its conformation in aqueous methanol”’
    by A. Pica and G. Graziano
    Mukherji, D.; Wagner, M.; Watson, M.D.; Winzen, S.; de Oliveira, T.E.; Marques, C.M.; Kremer, K.
    Soft Matter 2017, 13, 7701
  • Depleted depletion drives polymer swelling in poor solvent mixtures
    Mukherji, D.; Marques, C. M.; Stuehn, T.; Kremer, K.
    Nature Communications 2017, 8, 1374
  • Study on the Application of Electric Field to Giant Vesicles Comprised of 1,2-Dilauroyl-Sn-Glycero-3-Phosphatidylcholine Using Optical Fluorescence Microscopy
    Micheletto, Y.M.S., Silveira, N.P.D., Dal-Bó, A.G., Giacomelli, F.C., Dias Filho, N.L., Frizon, T.E.A., Marques, C.M. and Schroder, A.P.
    Materials Research, 2017, DOI:10.1590/1980-5373-MR-2016-0700
  • Reply to the ‘Comment on “Relating side chain organization of PNIPAm with its conformation in aqueous methanol”’
    by N. van der Vegt and F. Rodriguez-Ropero
    Mukherji, D., Wagner, M., Watson, M. D., Winzen, S., de Oliveira, T. E., Marques, C. M., Kremer, K.
    Soft Matter 2017, 13, 2292
  • Hemodynamic forces can be accurately measured in vivo with optical tweezers
    Harlepp, S; Thalmann, F; Follain, G; Goetz, JG
    Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2017, 28, 3252-3260
  • Simulation of Vertical Surfactant Distributions in Drying Latex Films
    Gromer, A; Thalmann, F; Hebraud, P; Holl, Y
    Langmuir, 2017, 33, 561-572
  • Coexistences of lamellar phases in ternary surfactant solutions
    Sou, I ; Okamoto, R; Komura, S ; Wolff, J
    Soft Materials, 2017, 15, 272-281
  • Nature of the Polyanion Governs the Antimicrobial Properties of Poly(arginine)/Polyanion Multilayer Films
    Mutschler, A ; Betscha, C; Ball, V; Senger, B; Vrana, NE; Boulmedais, F; Schroder, A; Schaaf, P; Lavalle, P
    Chemistry of Materials, 2017, 29, 3195-3201