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Ruscher, Céline


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Office: B151
email: celine.ruscher@ics-cnrs.unistra.fr

About me

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in the MCUBE team where I investigate the drying properties of Latex (ANR LatexDry) and the rheological properties of dense colloidal suspensions. 

Research Interests

My main research interest focuses on understanding the physical properties of disordered materials and more specifically how microstructures influences dynamical, mechanical or thermal properties. Another aspect of my research is devoted to the study of lipid bilayers by mean of machine learning tools. 


  • Dr Vivien Walter, King’s College London, London, UK
  • Dr Debashish Mukherji, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Past research activities

  • 2017-2019 Postdoctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Jörg Rottler, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (The University of British Columbia), Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 2014-2017 Master thesis and PhD at the Institut Charles Sadron under the supervision of Profs. Jean Farago and Jörg Baschnagel
  • Summer 2013 Research Assistant in the group of Prof. Kari Dalnoki-Veress, McMaster University, ON, Canada
  • Education

  • PhD University of Strasbourg, 2017 
  • MSc Condensed Matter Physics, Strasbourg, 2014
  • BSc Physics and Chemistry, Strasbourg, 2012
  • Publications


    C. Ruscher and J. Rottler Avalanches in the athermal quasistatic limit of sheared amorphous solids: an atomistic perspective , Tribology Letters, 69, 64, 2021

    V. Walter, C. Ruscher, O. Benzerara and F. Thalmann, MLLPA: A Machine Learning-assisted Python module to study phase-specific events in lipid membranes , J. Comp. Chem., 1-14 ,2021


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    C. Ruscher, S. Ciarella, C. Luo, L. M. C. Janssen, J. Farago and J. Baschnagel, Glassy dynamics of a binary Voronoi fluid: A mode-coupling analysis, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 33, 064001, 2020.

    C. Ruscher and J. Rottler, Residual stress distributions in athermally deformed amorphous solids from atomistic simulations, Soft Matter, 16, 8940-8949, 2020

    V. Walter, C. Ruscher, O. Benzerara, C. M. Marques and F. ThalmannA machine learning assessment of the two states model for lipid bilayer phase transitions, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 22, 19147-19154 , 2020


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    C. Ruscher and J. Rottler, Correlations in the shear flow of athermal amorphous solids: A principal component analysis, J. Stat. Mech., 093303, 2019


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