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Balko (Barber), Suzanne

Postdoc Fullbright-Alsace (2008-2010)

Saturday 20 September 2008, by mcube members

Suzanne Barber is curently working as a researcher in Leibniz-Institut-fuer-Polymerforschung, Dresden

Research Projects/Fellowships

Fulbright Research Scholar (beginning 1 January 2010 to present): Investigation of protein-receptor interactions via in vitro cell membrane systems. Development of a method to reconstitute a membrane receptor in model cell membranes. Carry out studies of the mechanical properties of model membranes containing a reconstituted protein-receptor system and manipulation of the system by the Micropipette Aspiration Technique (MAT) to
investigate the effect of membrane mechanical properties on the function of the receptor system.

Post-doctoral Researcher (December 2008 - December 2009), CNRS/ANR: Development of methods for both the incorporation and confirmation of presence of a novel molecule within model cell membranes. Utilisation of various micropscopy techniques such as fluorescence and confocal microscopy to visualize the systems and application of complementary studies such as QCM, ITC, AFM and TEM by collaboration with internal and external colleagues.

Visiting Researcher/Chateaubriand Fellow (September 2007 to September 2008): Studied and applied theory of polymer brushes and adhesion between polymer-coated surfaces to experimental data and performed collaborative research with internal colleagues to perform computer simulations of experimental systems studied during doctoral research. Biophysical studies of model cell membranes, microscopy and micropipette aspiration (MAT) of model membranes derived from cell extracts.


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