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Thalmann, Fabrice

Team Leader

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Professor UniStra
Tel: +(33)(0)388414149
Office: F147
email: fabrice.thalmann[at]ics-cnrs.unistra.fr

Research activities

Since I joined the Institut Charles Sadron (ICS) in 2005, my attention has been mainly devoted to the theory and the simulation of soft matter systems: polymers, colloids, self-assembled amphiphiles and lipid membranes. I am since 2020 the head of the Physics of Membranes and Soft Matter (M3) team at the ICS.

I like to combine theoretical modelling with molecular dynamics simulations to address fundamental issues in the physical chemistry of the systems of interest: lipid configuration analysis by machine learning, determination of complex structural and thermodynamic features of lipid mixtures, understanding rheological properties of lipid coatings or drying colloidal suspensions. I equally contribute to the phenomenological interpretations of many experimental results that are obtained by the M3 experimentalists.

  • Soft Condensed Matter theory
  • Statistical Physics and Computer Simulations
  • Rheology and Thermodynamics of Lipid bilayers
  • Drying and Wetting
  • Lipid oxidation


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