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  • Composite gel-filled giant vesicles : Membrane homogeneity and mechanical properties.
    Campillo, C.C.; Schröder, A.P.; Marques, C.M.; Pépin-Donat, B.
    Mat. Sci. Eng. C, 2009, 29, 393
  • Hierarchical functional gradients of pH-responsive self-assembled monolayers using dynamic covalent chemistry on surfaces
    Tauk, L; Schroder, AP; Decher, G; Giuseppone, N
    Nature Chemistry 2009, 1, 649-656
  • Giant vesicles under oxidative stress
    K. A. Riske, T. Sudbrack, N. L. Archilha, A. U. Fernandes, A. P. Schroder, C. M. Marques, M. S. Baptista and R. Itri
    Biophysical Journal 97, 1362 (2009)